20 oktober 2020


Think you have what it takes to participate in the SSU programme?

We select twenty-three excellent students to participate every year. Our selection criteria ensure that the programme is of the highest possible quality and of maximum value to both participants and partners. Only the best applicants will be offered a place in the programme every year.

What value can the SSU foundation offer its participants?

    • The SSU programme adds a considerable extracurricular activity on your resume which is essential for enrolling a masters programme or to enhance the chances of being accepted for a job  interview
    • The programme offers relevant consultancy working experience, which can help explore the business field and explore what interests you the most
    • The programme gives the opportunity to network with potential employers
      • Over the last years, several SSU participants have been offered internships and paid jobs at the companies for which they performed a case study
    • The SSU project provides you a consultancy case on which you will work together with a team of motivated students of different study years
    • The study tour offers the opportunity to experience innovation globally, and to have a great time with your team and fellow students

The applications for the SSU progamme of 2021 are closed.