19 April 2021

Why do a board year?

What are reasons to do an SSU Board year? Next to it being a great addition to your CV, there are other reasons why you should consider doing a part-time board year at the SSU Foundation. Previous board members tell us about the things they have learned or enjoyed in their board year.

Things board members have learned:

  • How to work together in a diverse but close team
  • How to work efficiently
  • How to meet & maintain contact with representatives of firms, big and small, local and international
  • How to present yourself and the foundation professionally
  • How to manage teams of students working on case studies (external relations)
  • How to deal with uncertainties and things going differently than planned
  • How to make hard decisions that have impact on a group of students

Experiences board members enjoyed specifically:

  • Working closely together with a group of other board members; get to know new people and form new friendships
  • Expanding your personal network with innovation students, upcoming and established companies and UU representatives
  • Organizing an experience for 23 highly motivated students, focussed on professional, personal and educational development
  • The study tour as a cherry on top of an already amazing programme