accelerating young innovators

The Programme

Case studies

We arrange case studies in the Netherlands tackling problems related to innovation.

Study tour

We plan a week long study tour to experience innovation in a different and unique cultural environment.


We select exceptional students based on their skills, motivation and (relevant) work experience.


We partner with innovative organisations to create value for both them and our students.


Students from various studies at Utrecht University related to innovation are welcome.

Supporting parties

We are grateful to the Recommending Committee, the Advisory Counsel, and our sponsors for making this excellent programme possible.

The SSU foundation

"The best way for innovative students to develop their practical skills"

The SSU Foundation organises a unique extra-curricular programme for exceptional innovation students at Utrecht University. The goal of the SSU is to apply acquired knowledge to practice in two parts. In Part One, the participants work on a case study where the address a posed problem or question of a Dutch company. Part Two of the programme consists of a study tour abroad where the participants experience innovation in a cultural context by visiting companies and institutions at location.

  • Excellent students selected in 2022


  • Unique locations visited


  • Collaborating partners 2022



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the board

Victor Gaal
Victor Gaal
Emily Lalonde
Emily Lalonde
Geert Bogers
Geert Bogers
Lucas van Wijngaarden
Lucas van Wijngaarden
Foreign Relations
August Knaap
August Knaap
External Relations