19 April 2021

FAQ board year

If you are considering doing a part-time board year at the SSU Foundation, you might have some questions. On this page, a few of them are answered. For any remaining questions, please email to board@ssufoundation.nl

What does the SSU Foundation board do?

The SSU Foundation organizes a programme for 23 excellent innovation students, consisting of two equal parts. The first part consists of organizing case studies/brainstorm sessions for the participants, where they can experience local innovation companies. The second part consists of organizing a 10-day study tour to another country, to experience international innovation. The board also organizes other activities, like; 3 Preliminary Lectures with all of the participants, and a Partners and Pitches (P&P) event where the participants pitch their case study to all of our partners.

How many hours is a board year at SSU?

A board year at the SSU Foundation costs around 4-16 hours per week. However, these hours depend largely on function and what time of the year it is. Examples of weeks that cost more time are the participant application & selection, location selection and of course the study tour. Hours can be planned individually, apart from one board meeting per week (around 2 hours) and the events organized by the SSU Foundation.

Am I eligible to do a board year?

If you are studying NW&I OR You have studied NW&I OR You are studying Innovation Sciences (MSc) OR You are studying Sustainable Business and Innovation (MSc), you are able to apply for a board year at the SSU Foundation.

Does the board receive assistance?

Yes, of course. First of all, the new board will be trained by the previous board. During the year, the RvA (Raad van Advies, Advisory Council) consisting of 4 previous board members, will give feedback on the minutes and help where necessary. There are contact persons to get in contact with the UU or Helix.

Is this a paid function?

No, doing a part-time board year at the SSU Foundation is on voluntary basis. The board year is easily combined with your (NWI or Master’s) study. However, a board year brings great opportunities to learn and develop, as well as a great experience and a 10-day study trip. For more information on this, see Why do a board year?