6 oktober 2016

For Partners

Thank you for taking interest in the SSU Foundation! For 25 years we have been organising this unique, annual study programme for the most excellent students of innovation related sciences at Utrecht University. We strive to bring together the worlds of academics and business, and in doing so we take pride in the value we create for our students and our partners simultaneously.

The programme

Our programme consists of two major parts. In the first part, we establish collaborations between the selected students and Dutch companies. These collaborations often establish themselves in the forms of junior consultancy cases or brainstorm sessions. Together with our partner we will find the form in which our participants will be of greatest value.

For the second part we take our students abroad during a ten-day study tour. Situated in a different cultural and business environment, we explore different ways organisations practice innovation. This also provides the opportunity for our partners to coordinate on-location research. In previous years we visited among others Vancouver (2019), Shanghai (2018), Cape Town (2017), Kyoto & Osaka (2016), and San Francisco (2015).

The participants

The students that are welcome to take part in the programme are either enrolled in or are graduated from one of the following study programmes at Utrecht University:

  • Science and Innovation Management (BSc)
  • Innovation Sciences (MSc)
  • Sustainable Business & Innovation (MSc)

We select students on their strong analytical skills, creativity, competences, (relevant) working experience, and motivation. Our procedure ensures that our participants are highly enthusiastic and very capable to deliver high quality results for our partners.

We would love to hear from you! For any questions concerning the possibilities of collaboration, please contact us.