30 October 2016

Sustainable Business and Innovation (SB&I)

Sustainability keeps growing as important issues in our lives. With the master Sustainably Business and Innovation, students tackle the challenges and opportunities from environmental issues such as climate change, energy, and water and social issues like human rights, corruption and transparency. During this master’s programme, students gain knowledge and skills to develop sustainable business practices.

Sustainable Business and Innovation uses academic literature and theory, real-life examples, and business case studies to let the students acquire insight into behaviour of organisations, including processes of organisational change and innovation. Topics such as sustainable development, sustainability innovations, life cycle assessment, ecoefficiency, and cleaner production, environmental management systems, sustainability reporting, organisations change and management for sustainability will be studied.

Graduates of Sustainable Business and Innovation:

  • Have gained knowledge and skills to engage with businesses and help them become more sustainable
  • Have acquired an understanding of how to manage a business whilst considering the implications that decisions will have on the environment and societies of today and the future
  • Have learned to connect sustainability with business approaches in order to develop integrative and long-term solutions to environmental and social challenges

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