15 November 2018

SSU 2018 – Shanghai

Shanghai, “Upon the Sea” in Chinese, is the largest city of China in demographics, but also economically. It is located in the fertile Yangtze delta and is the fourth most competitive city in Asia, trailing only Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. This competitiveness was built at an incredible speed, boasting 2-figure economic growth for 30 consecutive years. The biggest harbour in the world has its home here. Furthermore, it is home to 12 universities, one of which is the third ranking university of China.

Culture in China is quite different from what we are used to in the Netherlands. The musea, the temples and the food are nothing like in the Netherlands, but most interesting is perhaps its business and innovation culture. With a speed seldom seen before, the Chinese, and especially the Shanghainese have caught up with western technology. In many technological fields, it is now a Chinese company ahead of the rest. That is why the SSU Foundation decided that Shanghai was its destination for 2018. With great visits to companies, interesting stories and beautiful cultural visits, it was a great success.