30 October 2016

SSU 2015 – San Francisco & Silicon Valley

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San Francisco

San Francisco is located in the Bay Area in California, at the West-coast of the United States of America. The Bay Area is seen as the world’s leading center for innovative activity. This is not only due to Silicon Valley, home of Google, Facebook and worldwide innovation phenomena, but also to the city itself. San Francisco breaths innovation and is home to lots of start-ups, SME’s and large companies that operate in all fields of interest. Furthermore, The City That Knows How has a diverse culture which is worth experiencing. Interesting cultural activities include the Union Square, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. Transportation through the city is possible via the bus, metro, cable car, world only moving monument, but San Francisco is also famous about its high ‘walkscore’. This city has often been suggested as SSU destination, but it was never realized. This year it will be!


Silicon Valley 

Silicon Valley is the name of the Southern part of the Bay Area. It houses the largest technology companies like HP, Intel, Apple, Google, eBay, Cisco, Oracle, Genentech, and Facebook. Besides the large companies, thousands of startups are located in Silicon Valley. The prosperity is growing since the first companies settled in the valley and the number of patents brought about by this area is immense. The success formula of Silicon Valley is studied worldwide and governments have tried to replicate the cluster (so-called Silicon Somewheres), but often without success. Besides the solid infrastructure and finance system, culture has been proven to be a critical factor too when it comes to innovative success. Culture is very hard to copy and is dependent on the history of an area. This year, the SSU makes it possible to experience this culture. The Valley, described in lots of papers and scientific articles, will be accessible to be explored for once!