23 oktober 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Note beforehand: We understand that this year, there is more uncertainty in the process of applying because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope these questions and answers provide some more insight. For more information on the advantages of applying (even when the trip cannot take place in the initial preferred way) see application and for more answers to your questions contact us at board@ssufoundation.nl 

  • What if there is negative travel advice at the time of the trip?

If there is negative travel advice from the government, the SSU trip to Dublin will not continue (at least at that time, it might get postponed). The same goes for when Utrecht University forbids any study trip abroad. If this becomes clear, we will try to have an alternative organized in the Netherlands (or surroundings) of appropriate value.

  • What is meant by the alternative of appropriate value?

We currently have 3 scenarios.

  1. The trip to Dublin continues at the given date. The government and university approve of traveling and there is no negative travel advice/obliged quarantine set up by the Irish government. 
  2. In case of negative travel advice, but activities and group formation  in the Netherlands/surrounding countries is allowed, we will organize a programme of fun activities as well as company visits in the Netherlands or in a surrounding country. (Regarding the value, the activities in the Netherlands will preferably be free of charge and the option of paying back the participation fee will be looked into).
  3. In case of a (partial) lockdown and group gatherings are not allowed, the trip will be postponed or the option of a refund/payment will be looked into. 

We cannot make any promises but we promise to act with the participants as the highest priority. 

  • What can I expect of the cases (especially during COVID-19)? 

You can expect a maximum of 50 hours of casework. This can include a large case, mini case or brainstorm session with the company. This project work gives an opportunity to gain new insights and gain experience in the field.

When and where possible we will arrange for the cases to be on location (such as the kick-off meetings). 

For the preliminary lectures, we aim to organize them offline as long as it is possible within the regulations. For the case projects, working online or offline is dependent on the regulations as well as the preferences of the team members.